Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you own Rental or owner-occupied real estate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

The City of Cedar Rapids is planning to change Chapter 29 of the municipal code on rental real estate. Of course, all property owners will notice an possible impact to individual property rights, due to this change. On June 22, 2010, the City Council is planning to have a first reading on the proposed changes to Chapter 29 of the municipal code.

A fellow Realtor in Cedar Rapids has sent an objection to the City of Cedar Rapids.

OBJECTS TO PROPOSED CH 29 ORDINANCE CHANGES-CRIME - City of Cedear Rapids PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
May 17, 2010 ... I am against the proposed Chapter 29 changes and the mandatory Crime ... for Cedar Rapids tenants which is a valuable asset to growth and ...

The City of Cedar Rapids is changing its web site, so google searches on the subject typically end with a bad link, such as this example. By adding .info, rather than .org, one can get into the City old web site.

More on the subject curtesy of a google search on Chapter 29:

Chapter 29 – Sheryl Jahnel, Member Landlords of Linn County ... - Landlords of Linn County
I have found that there are many difference that set Cedar Rapids Proposed changes over the top. > I am very much opposed to the proposed Chapter 29 ...
Chapter 29 – Dick Rehman‎ - Jun 15, 2010
Chapter 29 Comments: Dick Rehman‎ - May 26, 2010

Chapter 29 of municipal code is a very important public policy issue for the City of Cedar Rapids. Changes can have impacts on affordable housing, housing stock and economic development for our community in the future. The department has been very inefficient throughout the years, including the department's ability to provide data on the customers it serves.

Cedar Rapids Landlords Protest Proposed Fees - KCRG-TV9
Apr 20, 2010 ... CEDAR RAPIDS – Proposed new rules and regulations for Cedar ... The city council is still debating whether to approve all these changes, ...

Right now, the city can't provide a list of problem landlords or even tell
you how many landlords rent property in Cedar Rapids. City staff
admit their record-keeping system needs work and they're trying to replace it. -
Currently, the City of Cedar Rapids has no citizen housing boards or commissions. Communities, like Iowa City, have used citizen boards and commissions to help formulate public policy on housing issued. Despite the City Charter makes recommendations for boards and commissions, but, the police department and housing officials are addressing the ordinance work for our community, rather than elected officials and/or the public.

We, the people of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, under the constitution and the
laws of the state of Iowa, in
order to secure the benefits of local
self-government and to provide for the peace, prosperity and security of our
citizens, do hereby adopt this charter. By this charter, we achieve the benefits
of home rule and affirm the values of representative democracy, professional
management, strong political leadership, and citizen participation by
recognizing that our quality of life is based on community and regional
cooperation, innovation, and greater opportunities for all our citizens.
- City of Cedar Rapids

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