Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August 2010: what's up on the first monday of the month?

We welcome the first full week of August today, with a little Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids news ...

Realtors® Robin Tucker and Tommy Tucker are members of
Rotary International and are each Paul Harris Fellows ...

Robin Tucker is planning to attend his Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids meeting...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crowne Plaza Hotel at Noon

Today's Program:

Kay Fisk & Mike Barnhart of

  • One of the important elements of Building Communities is a connection to transportation
  • As Realtors, we require the building of functioning cities ...

Other Events this week in the City of Cedar Rapids ...

  • City Housing Boards of Appeals on the 4Th
  • City Medical District Open House on the 4Th and 5Th
  • Downtown Farmer's Market on the 7Th
  • More Upcoming Events in our area can be found on the Cultural Corridor web site


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Robin Tucker, Realtor® said...

Kay Fisk gave a nice program on NTS that services the communities of Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha.

NTS is more than a ride... helping bridge our community by helping customers succeed financially by providing convenient, quality, affordable transportation and education.