Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle, after the Labor Day holiday here in Eastern Iowa

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday weekend!

We are reviewing paperwork received today by the City of Cedar Rapids, regarding the new registration form for licensing and property permits. The City of Cedar Rapids enacted a new Chapter 29 ordinance this Summer for all property owners in Cedar Rapids. Whether you are big or small, renting multi-family, single-family or one room, you may want to learn more about the Chapter 29, which impacts all property owners who are involved in any form of tenant-landlord (i.e. - charging rent).

We have houses for rent in the Cedar Rapids-Marion, Iowa area.

Current Properties being marketed:

We are currently accepting applications for Houses For Rent in our area:

You can contact Robin Tucker at 1.319.365.6956 or by e-mail at Tommy Tucker Realty Co, if you are interested in one of these properties or have a tenant-landlord question? We may have a couple of new properties in the coming weeks.


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