Thursday, January 6, 2011

City of Cedar Rapids wants to expand Protected Classes in Chapter 69, including lawful sources of income

There was an article today in The Gazette on upcoming community open houses on proposed changes in Chapter 69 municipal code for the City of Cedar Rapids. Chapter 69 deals with Civil Rights in our community. I was happy to see that Rick Smith from The Gazette reported on the upcoming public discussion on Chapter 69.

Robin Tucker, a local Realtor and businessman, this week said the
proposed ordinance change related to housing vouchers does rub some landlords
the wrong way.

“What if I don’t want any more to do with government than
required, which is how some people look at it,” Tucker said. “Should landlords
be required to do business with government?”

Karl Cassell is executive director of the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission, which is proposing a change to the city's civil rights ordinance that would prohibit housing discrimination based on the source of their income ...

New Ordinance Focus Groups will be hosted by the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission on Monday, January 10Th and Tuesday, January 11Th. Different subjects will be presented each session.

  • The city commission forum on Monday will be held from 6 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. at the Cedar Rapids Public Library’s location in Westdale Mall. Proposed ordinance changes related to marital status will be discussed first followed by those related to gender identity.

  • The Tuesday forum will be held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 1340 Third Ave. SE, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Proposed ordinance changes related to lawful sources of income will be discussed first followed by changes related to construction and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Want to read the latest newsletter from the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission?

Tommy Tucker Realty Co. represents a variety of property owners, who are seeking to rent single family houses in our area. Our agency does not have an application fee and we will consider all legal sources of income. We encourage anyone seeking a rental to apply.

Our company founder, Realtor® Emeritus and President, I.L. 'Tommy' Tucker is a former member of the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission. Tommy served on the initial civil rights committee that become the Cedar Rapids Civil Right Commission back in the 1960s under Mayor Robert M.L. Johnson. Tommy served as Commissioner in a variety of roles for 31 years.

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