Thursday, March 3, 2011

Local Realtor Association supports extention of the Local Option Sales Tax for the City of Cedar Rapids

We attended an interesting broker's meeting today, as part of the Cedar Rapids Association of Realtors. Also previewed a possible new listing this afternoon. Nice visit with a contractor on a couple possible projects.

At the end of the day, we noticed the following e-mail from our local association of Realtors ...
At the February Board of Directors meeting the Local Option Sales Tax
extension was discussed. It was agreed that although the Corp of Engineers has
recommended a plan that only protects the East side of the river, both sides
need protection. Without flood protection on both sides another flood could
result in a significant loss of jobs and a corresponding impact on both
residential and commercial real estate sales. Property values in the downtown
commercial district and residential neighborhoods could decrease in value which
would affect the overall tax base of the City. The Board of Directors feel the
best way for the city to acquire matching funds for any state and/or federal
funding to create the flood protection plan needed is to support the extension
of the local option sales tax. The Board of Directors unanimously voted to
support the extension.

My father, I.L. 'Tommy' Tucker, has been a Realtor in Cedar Rapids, since 1955. He strongly believes flood protection is needed on both sides of the river. Ahead and during the Flood of 2008, we reflected on past floods that impacted our family and our local businesses in the past.

My grandfather and father were impacted by floods over the years at the business my grandfather began in 1945. Many of our former locations were impacted by the Flood of 2008. My father's neighborhood, when he first moved to Cedar Rapids was impacted. My grandfather and father first lived in the old Hayes School neighborhood of SW Cedar Rapids. We have had former business locations on both sides of the river that were impacted by the Flood of 2008.

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