Monday, May 11, 2009

Great News for two high schools of the Cedar Rapids Community Schools

George Washington High School of Cedar Rapids #1

The Washington High School attendance office sent out the following e-mail this afternoon. As a former Warrior alum and as parents of a current, former and future Warrior student... we are very pleased to learn of this news for our community...

Washington High School has become the state's first public school to
achieve the No. 1 ranking on the "Iowa Advanced Placement Index for the Top 50

The index, developed by the University of Iowa College of
Education's Connie Belin and Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted
Education and Talent Development, assesses AP participation among public and
private schools in Iowa. Each school is given an index score based on the ratio
of AP exams taken by all its students divided by the number of its graduation

A score of 1.00 means the number of AP exams for a school equals
the number of graduates. Ten schools achieved or surpassed this standard this
year, up from eight last year.

In the latest index, George Washington earned the top score of
2.21; John F. Kennedy High School came in second with a score of 1.73. The other
schools in the top five are Regina High School (a private school), Iowa City;
West High School, Iowa City; and Ames High School.

"This is an incredible accomplishment for both Washington and
Kennedy and the result of an appreciable amount of work on the part of students,
parents, faculty and administration," noted Dr. Dave Markward, Superintendent.
"I tip my hat to everyone involved!"

The Belin-Blank Center developed the index five years ago as part
of a broader effort to encourage and recognize Iowa schools that provide
high-level academic opportunities for high school students. The index is
designed to give a fair comparison of AP opportunity across Iowa

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