Monday, April 5, 2010

The City of Cedar Rapids is providing Leaf Collection in April 2010

Spring is here and that means yard work is on the to-do list for many
homeowners. Starting April 5Th, you can expect to see the leaf vacuum trucks
riding around Cedar Rapids removing all of the leaves off the streets. Leaf
collection will be on your regular garbage day unless it's slowed down by
weather or volume of leaves. If you want your leaves to be picked up put them on
the grass or the parking area next to the street.Yard Waste Collection
~ reported by KGAN_CBS2

Residents should place leaves on the grass or parking area beside the street
for collection. Leaves must be kept out of the street. The vacuum truck will not
collect leaves from alleys. Leaf piles should be free from brush and debris.
Sticks and twigs can be placed in the YARDY cart for collection and litter
should be bagged and placed in your garbage can. Please do not park cars in
front of leaf piles; the truck will not be able to collect the leaves
. ~
City of Cedar Rapids

You must be receiving pick ups by the City of Cedar Rapids already to be included. Businesses are not included.

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